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The Value of Wealth Counsel

Margaret Mary O'Rourke After practicing family law in Mendocino County for fifteen years my practice grew to encompass estate planning. I realized I could more effectively serve clients' diverse needs by enlarging my scope of knowledge. I became part of a larger estate planning community by joining Wealth Counsel approximately ten years ago. Wealth Counsel is a national organization comprised of professionals concentrating on all aspects of estate planning. Membership includes access to a daily listserv consisting of questions and answers from fellow estate-planning lawyers, along with continuing education, specialized software, personal support, and webinars.

I have evolved into an estate planner with knowledge and experience beyond the confines of rural practice. I have a full-time team of professional colleagues able to work with me in all phases of estate planning and end-of-life considerations. I am deeply grateful to this organization for taking me from estate planner with limited knowledge to someone who can confidently interact with clients who have varied needs ranging from establishing a pet trust to asset protection and dynasty planning.

With the current trend of increased migration of people around the country, family members are often thousands of miles apart. As a Wealth Counsel participant, I have instant access to the information I need about estate laws in other states.

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