Law Offices of Margaret Mary O’Rourke

It’s different in Mendocino.

The natural beauty of our remote location and its history of tolerance calls to an extremely diverse range of people. This diversity continues to support the essence our community.

We live in a small town with big city talent – a place where people have strong opinions, a place where strands of varied and often contrary lives are woven closely together. Loggers live side by side with homesteaders, artists with fisherman – and it’s a place where we recognize that these passions are not mutually exclusive.

It requires deep roots in our area to understand the intricacies of the local tapestry. With over 30 years of experience living and practicing law on the Mendocino Coast I have developed an insight into how personal relationships intertwine with business in a small community. This understanding is essential to my philosophy and approach to the practice of law.

I recognize that the practice of law is, simply, about people. My philosophy is based on the belief that careful estate planning can positively impact extended families for generations and proper management of assets can ensure the best financial outlook possible for those future families.